Fernweh/Heimweh will be performed :


16/09: Setzkasten, Wien, AT

21/09: Schmiede Festival, Hallein, AT

28/09: Third Place, Helsinki, FI

25/11: MEM Festival – Experimental Arts International Festival, Bilbao, ES


La grande indetermination, a collaborative project with Daniel Stimmeder (lutherie éléctronique) will be streamed during Audioblast Festival #5 (24th to 26th of February 2017) organized by Apo33

Audioblast Festival will be broadcasted live here and on a quadraphonic sound system at La Plateforme Intermédia – Nantes, France.  It is a digital sound festival using the INTERNET as a venue for diffusing LIVE experimental, drone, noise, field recordings, sound poetry, electronic, contemporary music.

There are no more bodies, just pieces, a scattering of limbs, splitting and explosion of the body’s unity. But what is a body? How does it take shape? The transmission of sound through the waves and then its digitization and (re) partition on networks, live streaming, flux, data exchange, produces a whole mechanised assembly according to the protocols of organisation and reorganisation of bodies and thought. What is left for us? From the body without organs as lived by Antonin Artaud and Gilles Deleuze’s concept and vision of a future in progress, Audioblast poses the question what is its relationship to a networked audio art festival? What is your relation to indeterminate sonorous, musical, poetic, audio, work.


Fernweh / Heimweh will be part of the curated screenings at Video Vortex XI in February 2017, in Kochi-Muzeris, Kerala, India !

Video Vortex XI proposes to place emphasis on these ‘other’ video cultures, which have largely evaded scrutiny under the fiction of video’s universalism. In keeping with this intention, Video Vortex XI is being held in the city of Kochi-Muzeris, in the midst of the 3rd Kochi biennial, which gives contemporary form to the histories of an extremely cosmopolitan city. Kochi-Muzeris housed large Chinese, Arab, Jewish, and Christian populations from its beginnings, and was governed by the Portugese, the Dutch, and the British, before becoming part of independent India in 1947. As such, the city provides a perfect location — as the centre of trade between East Asia, South Asia, and Europe – for addressing the diversities and the synergies implicit in video cultures across the globe.


“The dream of a film” and “Discomposure” will be screened at /’fu:bar/ 2016 !

Fubar is a multimedia participatory event, focusing on the theme of discovering and displaying errors in the very process of creating cross-disciplinary new media art.The event is composed of artist talks and lectures, educational workshops, audio(-visual) artist performances and a glitch-bound art exhibition.


Fernweh / Heimweh will be screened at New Media Art Festival Speculum Artium in Slovenia accompagned by a live sound performance by Tanja Fuchs et Daniel Stimmeder !

In its eighth edition Speculum Artium 2016 engages primarily in the dilemma the contemporary society is beginning to face at all levels of its existence, i.e. what is still real, what is manipulation? What is my personal space, what is my intimacy? Why do I behave the way I do, aware of multiple aspects? Are we all only mere actors in to-us incomprehensible play, whose stage is an infinite plane of an in-between space at all levels? New-media practices try to place a mirror to contemporary society while using the very same methods and techniques used by the above mentioned manipulative system to turn an individual into an object of manipulation, scared, insecure, naïve and in every aspect stupid. This is what we all are – today, now and here.


4e Prix, special mention of the jury for Dino at Radio Choq.ca

Vous pouvez écouter les capsules sonores sur le thème Un matin tranquille ici