Fernweh / Heimweh

Kino-konzert, 2016, Austria, 46min.
Performers: Daniel Stimmeder, Tanja Fuchs,  Moritz Morast.


Made out of personal archive pictures and accidental encounters, the film shuttles between wanderlust and homesick, up and down, in and out, or was it the opposite ? It’s a passenger’s smooth poetry on human desire and confusion. It’s a composite of residual experiences, a tale of travelers, beyond space and even further.

The sharp black and white collage aesthetic refers to the silent surrealistic films. The digital film image is pixelated, incarcerated roughly. Worlds coexist alongside and glare at each other. It is fantasy: superposition of time and spaces. Always living in a transition state, looking for home.

Artists statement

Florine, Tanja, Daniel and Moritz met at the University of Art and Design of Linz where they share the same interest for experimental and performative media art. Their researches on the poetic of flows led them to represent communication between people and places in our computer-based time in a metaphoric way. Digital media, as they conveys a new relation to images, provoke another relation to the territory through flows, interconnections, and shorter commuting distances. They tend to link all this elements as a close network which keeps on updating as an infinite transformation of the same components. Immersed in nostalgic atmospheres, they stage associative arrays linked to the sense of loss and wandering through variations of a déjà vu.