As media artists, they engage with matters where technology, materiality and performativity become critical. They focus on sound art, using homemade electronic instruments, tape loops and field recording. In their audiovisual performances, they also experiment on sound and video interaction, exploring the capacity of the electromagnetic signal to affect colors, using self-built video-synth. Influenced as much by electroacoustic music than video art, their works rethink the potential of signals as aesthetic material, composing poetic sound atmospheres from which emerges an implicit narration.

RGBastler est un collectif d’artistes basé à Linz créé par Andreea Vladut (RO) et Florine Mougel (FR) en 2019. Leurs performances live, vidéos et installations audiovisuelles défient le médium lui-même pour faire éclater les codes 


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Florine Mougel is a visual artist based in France. She graduated cinema and fine art studies and develops her researches on the poetic of networks and technologies. Shes composes with situations, people, empty rhetorics, smudged words, feelings.

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